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We're bringing it back! This time, we'll be performing at the Brave New Workshop’s Experimental Thinking Centre in Downtown Minneapolis. In this installment, Chris, Grant and the rest of the Aquanaut crew take aim at those pesky corporate entities. Exploring automation, synergy, and large-scale acquisitions, The Aquanaut Variety Hour’s Corporate Show is sure to be both enlightening and extremely entertaining!

The Aquanaut Variety Hour is a mix of sketch, improv, music, and late night talk show elements. The comedy is fresh and unique, the guests are always fabulous, and the music is top notch. Doors are at 7 and the show is at 8; you won’t want to miss this one!

Special Guests:

Blending emotional intensity with a dedication to beat the hell out of a game -- or really anything that comes their way -- jorts! promises a show that's funny, loud, touching, touchy, big, weird, highly charged and damn near belligerent if the time is right.

Long story short, jorts! is your drunk uncle's improv troupe.

Vibe Corp. The Vibration Corporation
The Vibration Corporation is a band from Minneapolis Minnesota. The group brings a Funk and Hip Hop inspired sound that starts parties across demographics.

The Aquanaut Variety Hour Band:
Andrew Frederick: Keyboards
Jared Mondlock: Drums
Keith Yanes: Bass

Brave New Workshop Experimental Thinking Centre
824 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403


The second part of Aquanaut Media. Check out a taping of Variety Hour show, Aquanaut-related Videos, art, and stills from the show. We're creating more fun stuff all the time so be sure to check back regularly!


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 Chris with guitar, Grant with microphone/inflated sense of self.

Chris with guitar, Grant with microphone/inflated sense of self.


Aquanaut Media was created in 2013 when Chris and Grant decided to collaborate on a project under the same brand. After much discussion, Aquanaut Media was born. Unfortunately, it took roughly four years before the fellas would figure out exactly what Aquanaut Media was going to be.

It took a lot of experimentation, but they would reunite eventually. While Chris found success with several music projects, Grant worked on graphic design, illustration, and a music project of his own. Ultimately, Grant found himself returning to the stage, a creative outlet that he thought he left in his high school and college years. Fortunately, through the aid of some improv comedy classes, Grant found that performing comedy was more fulfilling than his previous creative endeavors.

In 2017, it was decided that the lads should combine their powers once and for all. They decided to create a stage show in which Grant would be the host and Chris would be the band leader. This show was the Aquanaut Variety Hour.