Episode III - CEO or Seaman

Host Grant Ertl and bandleader Christoph Bruhn talk about the designated roles of the employees at Aquanaut Media. Also, the pair play CEO or Seaman, a game where you try to decide if you're looking at the famous executive or a sea captain. Also, we play a special song for the one and only Ben Waller.

Episode III - Quarterly Innovation VIdeo

CEO Erik Hoversten showcases the Aquanaut Media Engineering division and debuts the company's latest offering: the G.R.A.N.T mk1. This is the opening video from The Aquanaut Variety Show Ep. III The Corporate Show.

Episode II - Product Video

Here's a video featuring some of the products that will soon be available from Aquanaut Media. This video was a part of our second show The Music Show. No actual animals were harmed in the making of this video. 

The Duluth Basement Table Tennis Classic 2013

Promo for the forthcoming 2013 Basement Table Tennis Classic Video. Music by King Khan and the Shrines Special thanks to Circa Productions, Rachel Palashewski, and Sam Johnson. Chris Bruhn stars as John Jaundice, Walyon Munch as Gunt Factory, Cory Vee as Gaudy Kross, Peter Baumgartner as Rick Dickickur, Max Seitz as Max 'Rocketman' Seitz, and Lord Hensel as himself.