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Once again, Chris and Grant present an evening of outstanding music and memorable comedic performances. For Episode II the Aquanaut boys have taken the formula they established last July and refined it to ensure an exceptionally good time.

For this episode, we focus primarily on the topic of music and all the different ways it is heard and shared. From friends exchanging songs over the internet to public alternative music radio, many topics will be covered in the second variety hour show.


Special guest Lounge Lizzy: From her debut at Huge Theatre, Lounge Lizzy has made one thing clear: she's an amazing and steamy singer who makes sure to get the crowd involved in any way she can. You won't want to miss her!

Special musical guest Rachelle Lanae: Rachelle Lanae is a graduate the U of M Twin Cities and studied cello under Tanya Remenikova. While cello is her first love, she has been songwriting for four years and has studied the art with Jeremy Messersmith in addition to recording with bands In Theory, The Riverside Coalition, and Ginger Bones. 

The Aquanaut Variety Hour Band:
Andrew Frederick: Keyboards
Jared Mondlock: Drums
Keith Yanes: Bass

The Historic Mounds Theatre
1029 Hudson Rd, St Paul, MN 55106

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Episode II - Product Video

Here's a video featuring some of the products that will soon be available from Aquanaut Media. This video was a part of our second show The Music Show. No actual animals were harmed in the making of this video. 

The Duluth Basement Table Tennis Classic 2013

Promo for the forthcoming 2013 Basement Table Tennis Classic Video. Music by King Khan and the Shrines Special thanks to Circa Productions, Rachel Palashewski, and Sam Johnson. Chris Bruhn stars as John Jaundice, Walyon Munch as Gunt Factory, Cory Vee as Gaudy Kross, Peter Baumgartner as Rick Dickickur, Max Seitz as Max 'Rocketman' Seitz, and Lord Hensel as himself.

Multiple Climaxes

Original Animated Short from 2014 Written by Tyler Sorensen / Animated, Drawn, Produced, and Directed by Grant Ertl Staring Rachel Palashewski and Nate Gebhard Jack wants to save the love of his life, Jill, but things aren't as they seem or...are they?

Tyler Sorensen currently produces an internet radio show called Different Head. New episodes are released every Saturday. Occasionally, Grant will guest on this show.

Chris with guitar, Grant with microphone/inflated sense of self.

Chris with guitar, Grant with microphone/inflated sense of self.


Aquanaut Media was created in 2013 when Chris and Grant decided to collaborate on a project under the same brand. After much discussion, Aquanaut Media was born. Unfortunately, it took roughly four years before the fellas would figure out exactly what Aquanaut Media was going to be.

It took a lot of experimentation, but they would reunite eventually. While Chris found success with several music projects, Grant worked on graphic design, illustration, and a music project of his own. Ultimately, Grant found himself returning to the stage, a creative outlet that he thought he left in his high school and college years. Fortunately, through the aid of some improv comedy classes, Grant found that performing comedy was more fulfilling than his previous creative endeavors.

In 2017, it was decided that the lads should combine their powers once and for all. They decided to create a stage show in which Grant would be the host and Chris would be the band leader. This show was the Aquanaut Variety Hour.